Ignite Your Coaching Career

What happens when you invest in yourself and the value you offer to clients?

I bet you already know the answer. 

You attract ideal clients with greater ease and flow, because your self-confidence, high vibes and enthusiasm are contagious. 

Soon, your practice fills up, allowing you to increase your rates. 

You can reach this next level of coaching and financial success faster than you may think.

Maybe you’re thinking, I’d like to believe that’s possible for me. I want to feel confident in my success and sometimes I don’t know where to turn or how to make it happen on my own. 

I completely understand. None of us can do it on our own. Most successful entrepreneurs enlist the support of many coaches and consultants throughout their lifetime to achieve their goals. 

I understand your doubts and fears and I’m here to support you in overcoming your limitations and going to the next level. 

Do you ever feel overwhelmed as you scroll through social media posts of coaches who seem to be effortlessly leading their dream lives on beautiful beaches, as if they live in a Travel and Leisure magazine, while you’re still trying to figure out how to make ends meet through your coaching business? 

You try to feel happy for them. At the same time, your stomach tightens, and your thoughts start to race. 

Doubt begins to rise. 

You wonder for the thousandth time this week, “How can I be a coach at that level? I want to live my dream life too! I didn’t think success would take this long to manifest.” 

Achieving your professional goals is an inside job.  

When you’re confident, clear and aligned with your highest purpose, every aspect of your professional and personal life will reflect creativity, inspiration, prosperity, success and an abundance of satisfied clients. 

What will it take for you to create confidence and success from within, leading to a steady and growing stream of clients and opportunities? 

How can you get the tools you need to make this happen quickly and effectively?  

What if I told you that you can step into your next level of success by investing 2-hours of your time?  

You might say, “Tracy, that sounds great, but how can we get the results I’m looking for in just two hours?” 

Excellent question. 

Remember, getting results is not based on how much time you spend doing something, but rather the efficiency, skill and technique with which you do it.

When you collaborate with an experienced mentor coach, who has already been there and done that, results happen much faster than you’re used to.  

About Your Mentor Coach

My clients have ranged from interns to executives to entrepreneurs. 

I’ve coached for some of Silicon Valley's most sought-after companies, ranging from start-ups to global organizations. 

I've also coached in many areas including business, career, and leadership development.

In fact, I have gained over 700 hours of coaching experience in a few short years. 

I’m a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) with the prestigious Coaching Training Institute (CTI) and a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coaching Federation. 

My passion is to put all my experience, education and success together in a distilled formula, giving you specific tools with strategic timing to reach your next level as a coach and entrepreneur.  

Your Time is Now!

Make the powerful choice now to drop the self-doubt and embody the powerful and effective coach that is you.  

How does the intensive work? 

We’ll start our call with a discussion on what challenges are coming up for you with your coaching business, honing in one to two specific challenges you are facing with your coaching skills or growing your business.  

Some examples of blockages we can focus on and overcome in your intensive:

  • I feel like a fraud, like I’m not ready to coach and that I need more practice. I’m afraid to step up and offer my services.  
  • I’m not sure whether I should become a certified coach and I’d like to talk about it with an expert so I can make a solid decision.  
  • I don’t know how or where to find clients. 
  • My brain is consumed with trying to figure out what comes first, the website, social media or the clients.
  • I don’t know what do with clients who disappear or who are consistently unprepared for the coaching.  
  • I’m getting discovery sessions but I’m not sure how to turn that into getting clients.
  • I feel intimidated and overwhelmed by other coaches and what I see on social media, leaving me feeling hopeless.
  • Fear and doubt are getting in the way of my success. 

I know your current blocks or challenges seem huge now. 

By the end of our intensive, you’ll be on your way to completely overcoming these issues, your confidence will be soaring and you’ll have total clarity on your next steps.  

Ready For My Breakthrough!

If you’re feeling hesitant about investing in yourself, think about this: 

If you don’t take action to up your game and offer more value, how much time will you lose stagnating where you don’t want to be? 

You have the choice to deepen your impact on clients by next week, leading to more business, and increased prosperity.  

The Universe will always support you in offering value to others. Trust that if you got a yes, you are provided for to invest in yourself.  

Imagine having a waitlist and raising your rates with confidence because you’ve done the work to be an exceptional coach.  

Are you committed to your business growth? If you don’t invest in yourself now, when will be the right time? 

Through our intensive you will: 

  • Gain genuine and unshakeable confidence in yourself and the value you offer to clients 
  • Put coaching theory into practice, understanding what it really takes to be an excellent coach and how you can get there 
  • Develop the skill and knowledge you need to empower your clients at a higher level, keeping them coming back for more 
  • Prepare yourself to naturally raise your rates and grow your business.  
  • Cultivate the kind of confidence that attracts an abundance of clients. When you truly believe in what you have to offer, they will too! 
  • Begin to develop a supportive and invaluable relationship with a credentialed and experienced mentor coach, opening the door for continued support to constantly improve as a coach and grow your business  

By investing $497 in a powerful private intensive, you are announcing to yourself and your higher power or subconscious mind:

“I’m going for it! I am ready to effectively to give the unique and important value that only I can offer to the world. I want to do it with skill and expertise and am worthy of having the support that I need to do so.” 

By investing in the private and detailed attention that’s necessary for you to be at the top of your game, you’re giving yourself permission to offer your highest purpose to the world, charge premium rates, and live your happiest life by stepping into your authenticity. 

I know you’re dedicated to giving your best to your tribe, and that you’ll do whatever it takes to make this happen. 

Invest in your coaching expertise now and gain a skilled, dedicated and highly accredited mentor for life.  

Are you ready to refine my skills and offer your best to the world?

Schedule My Intensive!

I wanted to send you a special thank you for your coaching. I find that there is a trailing effect to our discussions, which is really powerful. I am now working on some new ventures that didn’t seem possible before. Stacy E.  

I would highly recommend Tracy’s work to any leader, at any level, who needs a helping hand to grow. She’s calm, thoughtful, and our sessions have always left me with something meaningful to consider. Shannon E.